A Multi-tier NFT and Metaverse project that incorporates the art of legendary fantom artist SEP with DeFi elements to depict the story of the Realm of Yamaloka. By owning the Yamaloka Warriors NFTs, you can become a member of our community, granting you exclusive perks, access to staking pools and a lot of drops in and out of the Metaverse

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By Birthright, the defenders of the Ruler of the Realm. Offered up by their people and chosen by mystics, these warriors are trained from birth to be hardened, loyal fighting machines.
Our Vision
Genesis Phase (Q1 2022)
The Yamaloka Warriors!

In the battle of the realm, you'll need warriors to represent you and accumulate your riches. Claim your elites from the 3 factions: The KingsGuards, The Hillwaynes, and The Orcs (1111 each).
The project features the artworks of the legendary fantom artist SEP!

Community Unlock Mechanism

The minting of the Warriors of Yamaloka will be divided into 3 sub-phases. Only through the power of a united community will the mint proceed. We will begin with the KingsGuard, at which point the mint will be capped at 1,111. When the community works together to bring enough people to the project to mint out the first phase, we will begin on the second. Likewise with the third. This is to ensure that World of Yamaloka never reaches beyond the desired scope of the community. Funds from the Warriors of Yamaloka mint will be reinvested into building a robust ecosystem moving forward.

Team Allocation and Rarity

The total supply of the Warriors of Yamaloka can reach a max cap of 3333 NFTs, if the community deems so, out of which, the team will be allocating 7% supply for collaborations, promotions, giveaways and other partnerships!
There will be a total of 30 Legendary NFTs in the mint pool that can be minted by the community and 15 separate Legendary NFTs will kept by the Team (included in the 7% allocation) for auctioning off at various auction Taverns to bring new members to the community!
The Rarity Stats will be announced once the whole mint is finished!

Mint price: 60 FTM (Decided by community polling)
The Garrison!

Assemble your forces (Stake) in The Garrison so that they can train for the upcoming battle. This will yield you the project token, King's RNSM, which can be used to earn royalties, future mint revenue profits as well as to claim free NFTs as the project progresses.

- A Surprise Staking Pool from a partner project!
- A King's RNSM Staking Pool

The idea behind this phase is to promote long term HODLING of the NFTs in the community as well as to bring short term benefits too by facilitating future mints to be mint-able using the Project Token itself (Basically a free mint for holders if they stake their NFTs)!

More Perks for the NFT Stakers:

Royalties – 40% of the secondary market royalties from the beginning of the project will be given back to the community holders at the end of Phase 3!

Mint Profits – 10% of all future mint revenues given to the community. (Distributed equally among the holders weighed by the number of NFTs held per wallet)
The Gladiators!

Choose your Champion! 25 Unique Elite Gladiators, Emperors and Empresses will have the collaborating artist's signature style consistent with the World of Yamaloka theme! This phase directly aligns with our vision of creating an all-inclusive community and we will be including some new and upcoming artists as well to provide them a platform to showcase their talents!

These Gladiators will be auctioned off at various auction taverns across the Fantom realm to the highest bidders. An additional 5% of the minting profits from the phase 4 minting stage will be distributed among the holders equally. The more you hold, the more you can earn. So, build your forces!

Staking Pools will be created, a special role will be awarded for these NFT holders!
The Infantry Rises!

Mint as many forces as you need to keep evil at bay - or to spread it. Large quantity, Low cost NFTs will be made available to mint using:

- King's RNSM (Earned by Staking the Elite Warriors of Yamaloka minted in the previous phases!)
- FTM.

The proceeds from this phase will directly be used to fund the Metaverse development and some of the funds will be given to a charity of the community's choice consistent with our commitment to make our community better!
GameFi/Metaverse Phase (Q2 2022)
The Avatars

Airdrop of 3D Avatars of the Infantry and the Elite Warriors to the respective holders from Genesis Phase. NO MINTING DURING THIS PHASE! Only the previous phase NFT holders will be able to enter this phase. This is done to ensure that the initial mints of NFTs still hold values in the long term.

King's RNSM

Tokenomics of the project token to be revised. Community DeFi experts will be brought in to work out the specifics. This will be implemented in the metaverse phase and not the Genesis phase to avoid the risks of project economics becoming unstable due to the presence of a liquidity seeded token.
Alpha Launch

Demo/MVP of the metaverse launched. Ideas and suggestions of the holders will determine the direction of the development of the project.

Key features have been redacted for now. A detailed roadmap to be released after the Genesis Phases are completed.
World Of Yamaloka V1

The Open World Metaverse (World of Yamaloka V1) launch with the 3D NFT holders to be the first ones to enter the metaverse.

Additional 3D avatars will be available to mint after the community is satisfied with the Metaverse development.
The Age of Yamaloka

A PvP, play-to-earn RPG Multiplayer game that builds upon the story of the World of Yamaloka. Featuring 2D playable characters with the ability to farm tokens while playing. Ability to build castles, wage wars, build alliances with other players, and a lot more!

Key features have been redacted for now. A detailed roadmap to be released after the Genesis Phases are completed.
New Features Development and Bug Improvement Phases will be announced later.
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